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Research Database

Welcome to our Research Database.

The research database presents the highlights of the book collection donated by the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS).

The database is organized in a thematic manner, covering the following five major fields of research: (1) Science and Technology, (2) Agriculture and Industry, (3) History, (4) Literature, and (5) Cultural Studies. For each of the four fields, according  research questions are developed. Usually, a short introduction is given to an individual topic, briefly introducing the current state of research and, in turn, raising new points for inquiry. Apart from that,  digital versions of major works are provided for readers to have a preview of the available sources. In addition, a list of both primary sources available in Erlangen and existing research are also included.

The aim of developing the database is not only to specify features of the SASS collection and make better public use of it, but also to encourage and assist in research, especially in regard to students and young scholars for the writing of their thesis or dissertation.